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Edition 6

Information At Its Core

“Different and new is relatively easy. Doing something that is genuinely better is very hard”

Sir Jonathan Ive – Former Chief Design Officer at Apple

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Edition 6

What Is New?

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To enhance the reader experience and further enhance the learning impact, all 400+ illustrations have been redesigned using the latest 2D and 3D software.

“As a writer, you should not judge, you should understand”

Ernest Hemingway - Writer


Interactive Learning

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Across devices, pictures are adaptive and interactive. As the reader clicks on the image, graph or table it will show explanations and details not possible to illustrate in the printed version.


The e-book (IOS) includes authentic aural recordings and real-life video footage showing up-close how some components operate.


Exclusive to the E-book version (IOS) is 3D models that allows the user to interact with objects by turning, zooming and flipping to obtain desired views.


Beautiful chapter layouts makes it easy for the reader to browser and locate information. The front page of each chapter will display the chapter index, with links to navigate easy, while the bottom row lines out all pages in picture view (IOS version only). 


The entire book and all its content is made adaptable to electronic devices such as tablets, mobile phones and laptop computers.