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Student Pilot Route Manual

Produced by Jeppesen specifically for the EASA examination, this route manual contains all the maps and charts needed for the course and exams. 



  • Table of Content and log of all included pages
  • Text: Extracts of Glossary, Chart Legend, Air Traffic Control and Airport Directory
  • Enroute Charts: European Low and High Altitude Enroute Charts, North Atlantic Plotting Chart, VFR Enroute Chart for Southern Germany
  • Airports: Complete set of procedure and airport charts for the EASA selection of IFR and VFR airports



  • Content of the GSPRM is „frozen“ per definition by EASA and navigation information will not be updated!
  • Adjustments to the content are subject to definition by EASA
  • The charts reflect the current content and design at freezing date
  • Charts are NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL USE and marked accordingly
  • All charts and pages are identified with „GSPRM“ in the header
  • The GSPRM content fits into one standard Jeppesen 2“ binder
  • The set is delivered with accessories (chart pockets and tabs and optional binder)

Student Pilot Route Manual

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