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Aviation Theory Stripped To Its Core!

A modern redefined learning experience, educating the next generation of pilots and professionals.


On-demand learning through personalised content and tutoring.


Content Is Delivered

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E-LeaRning Platform

Our modern personalised e-learning platform delivering content to the student WHENEVER convenient.

Video lessons, question banks, downloadable multimedia, forums and much more.

ATP Academy
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 aviation theory 

Now in its 6th edition, The Airline Transport Pilot: Complete Note Collection is a culmination of more than a decade of research and writing available in print or e-book.

 Book includes 3D models, animations, videos, graphs, tables and interactive pictures. All ATPL subjects in one book!

ATP Book
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MindSpaceX Studio

Our professional studio setup allows us to deliver superior online learning content of the highest quality. Picture, Sound and lighting!

Lessons are pre-scheduled or on-demand and delivered via Zoom, Teams or YouTube in real time.

MindspaceX studio

“A superior pilot uses his superior judgments to avoid those situations which require the use of his superior skills”

Frank Borman – NASA astronaut & Engineer, Commander of Apollo 8


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