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Operational Procedures

1 lesson summarizing all major parts of the ATPL syllabus in Ops. Proc

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This session will take you through the subject matter of the EASA ATPL syllabus in preparation for the ATPL theory exam. Delivered on the bases of the Airline Transport Pilot: Complete Note Collection book, this session will revise and explain all the major points and ensure you are left with a much better and more comprehensive level of knowledge and understanding. In this lesson we will cover: - Procedures - Standard Phraseology - Checklists - Fuel Requirements - Alternate Requirements - Oxygen Requirements - First Aid Kit Requirements - Equipment Requirements - Currency Requirements - Reporting Procedures - Document Requirements - Aerodrome Operating Minimums - Performance Classification - Maximum Distance from Aerodrome / ETOPS - Take-off & Landing Requirements - Communications Failure Procedures - Noise Abatement Departure Procedures - Fire & Smoke Equipment Requirements - Cargo Compartment Classification - Fuel Jettison Requirements - Ice & De-icing Requirements - Wake Turbulence Requirements

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