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Lesson Details

Airbus Speed Definitions

Defining the speeds used on the Airbus A320

  • 1 h 45 min
  • Online Session

Service Description

We will in this session look at the definitions for the speeds used on the Airbus aircraft. We will specify 'Characteristic Speeds' (V1, V2, Green Dot, Vs, F, S etc.), 'Limit Speeds' (VA, VMCG, VMCA, VFE, MMMO etc.) and 'Protection Speeds' (VMAX, VSW etc.). We will discuss the where the speeds are calculated and what indications are shown to the pilots. This is a very important lesson for pilots to be able to safely operate the aircraft.

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For personal One-to-One session, specific restrictions apply: Due to the personalised nature of our tutoring, to cancel or re-schedule a one-to-one booking please allow us minimum 24 hours notice. One-to-One sessions booked less than 24 hours are not subject to cancellation. Please refer to our 'Booking & Cancellation' policy for full details. A link can be found in the bottom of the website. Thank you

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