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e-Learning Software

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  • No other ATPL theory manuals are as interactive or up-to-date. This makes understanding the syllabus easier: straightforward text and engaging content that brings the theory out of the page and into life.

    PadPilot also put the theory into context with plenty of case studies and operational examples written by their airline pilot authors, which helps makes studying more memorable.

    And there’s plenty of help for exam success, too: built-in study aids mean it’s easy to take notes, while the summary pages and quick quizzes at the end of each chapter take some of the stress out of revision.


    Main features:

    • Interactive eBooks via PadPIlot eReader - OFFLINE access!
    • 3 year access to learning material
    • Study Aids included (highlight, search, notes, revision cards)
    • Interactive 3D models, animations and video explanations
    • Extra Insights explain how the theory applies to the aviation world.
    • Case Studies throughout
    • Threat and Error Management (TEM) flags show common threats/errors
    • Learning Objective summary at the end of each chapter
    • Interactive quizzes at the end of each chapter
    • Suitable for modular and integrated student pilots
    • Download just one subject or the complete series
    • No previous knowledge required


    More info can be found here

  • The ATPL(A) Computer Based Training (CBT) is the next-generation E-learning experience, 100% compliant with EASA regulations.

    The online ATPL CBT-certified course, built by pilot experts, is harmonized with high-quality ATPL(A) training and examinations. Includes ATPL theory in 14 EASA subjects, explained in a user-friendly way, with the possibility to check learning status through the approximately 550 hours course. Additionally, the ATPL’s questions bank with training records, logs and test results will help you in preparation for the ATPL exam.

    Their technologically advanced distance learning ATPL course offers a method of effective learning, provides highly intuitive, interactive and visually attractive educational material that improves learning progress and training results. Gamification techniques of Evionica’s LMS allows raising students’ motivation, engagement, and performance, in the way to achieve ATPL license.


    Main features:

    • Stunning cutting-edge CBT
    • 18-months access to learning material
    • 100% compliant with EASA regulatory
    • 14 EASA subjects
    • 650hours training time (550h of self-study with our CBT and 100h of instructor-led training time)
    • 4.000+ learning objectives
    • 6.000+ questions
    • Dark theme preventing eye tiring & allowing longer study
    • Intuitive LMS platform for all users
    • Working on Tablet, Mobile, and Desktop
    • Online & Offline Mobile access
    • Gamification techniques
    • Communication tool for student & instructor
    • Responsive design (Desktop, Tablet)
    • Full HD graphics and animations
    • Newest technology HTML5
    • High-quality voice


    More information can be found here

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