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A320 Operational Procedures

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This course teaches you the most common procedures as part of the Airbus A320 type rating. We cover a wide range of lessons incl. Failure Management and ECAM Handling, MCDU use, C/L & Briefing techniques. This course will equip you with some essential tools for your type rating. Under Procedures & C/L we will cover: - Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - System Related Procedures (SRP) - Supplementary Procedures (SUP) - Special Procedure Operations (SPO) - Abnormal & Emergency Procedures (ABN) - Memory Items (MEM) - Standard Callout - Task Sharing rules Under Briefings we cover: - Briefing Techniques - Departure Briefing - Arrival Briefing Under Failure Management we cover: - ECAM Information processing - ECAM display layout and symbology - Failure classification (types and levels) - Inhibited Phases - QRH C/L and OEBs - Computer Resets - Use of Summaries - Examples of various failures Under MCDU Handling we cover: - Basic layout and use - Overview of the pages and their individual data - Preparation for a flight (D.I.F.S.R.I.P.P.) - Approach & Landing Setup ('HAT') - Special tasks such as: OFFSET, FIX INFO, Preset SPD and Holding

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