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EASA ATPL(A) Theory Course

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ONE course for you to obtain your EASA ATPL(A) theoretical knowledge accreditation. You get a COMPLETE ATPL theoretical knowledge course approved by EASA. MindSpaceX Aviation is an ATO approved by the Danish CAA, given you a comprehensive course including both the theoretical knowledge, EASA exams and KSA assessments. Delivered on the bases of the Airline Transport Pilot: Complete Note Collection book, this course will revise and explain all the major points and ensure you are left with a much better and more comprehensive level of knowledge and understanding. The course will cover lessons on: - Air Law - Aircraft General Knowledge; Airframes & Systems, Electrics - Instrumentation - Powerplant - Mass & Balance - Performance - Human Performance & Limitations - Flight Planning & Monitoring - Meteorology - General Navigation - Radio Navigation - Operational Procedures - Principles of Flight - Communications (VFR / IFR) - KSA100 Assessments

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